• Multicast gap and out of sequence detection with SNMP and Syslog alerts
  • Integrated with Geneos Netprobe from ITRS, delivering a simple, consolidated view of multicast sequence gaps and microburst events on any Geneos dashboard.
  • Microburst detection down to 100 μs intervals and user selectable thresholds
  • Feed Health Monitoring to detect and alert on the absence of data feed traffic
  • Streaming of traffic statistics broken down by feed to 100μs resolution
  • Smart Feed-Aware Filtering via drop down menus
  • Copying of data – e.g., an input port can feed two or more output ports
  • Switching of data – any input port can be switched to any output port
  • Aggregation of data – multiple input ports can feed a single output port; not recommended for latency-sensitive applications.
  • Graphical display of last 24 hours of feed anomalies
  • Full help screens on every screen for ease of use
  • Can be fed from either network taps (preferred) or SPAN ports on Ethernet switches, or via static IGMP joins
  • High reliability with 100% solid state device; no hard disks to fail



Input (Network) Ports

4 (either 10Gbps Fiber, 1Gbps Fiber/Copper, 100 Mbps)

Output (Monitoring) Ports

4 (used to feed data capture devices if required). From 10Gbps to 100Mbps

Time Stamping

Events time stamped to one-microsecond accuracy

Timing Inputs

PTP – IEEE1588 or PPS (to sync with external clock source) or NTP

Timing Output

PPS (used to sync an external capture device if required)

Maximum number of Multicast Feed Channels that can be monitored on each input port


Aggregate Maximum of Multicast
Feed Channels that can be


Maximum data rate of monitored messages per port

15 M messages/second

Aggregate maximum messages
of to be monitored

60 M messages/second

Event Reporting Syslog, SNMP, and ITRS Geneos
Meta Data Streaming Gap Alerts and Traffic Statistics (0.1 msec resolution)

Power Supply

110/220/240V AC, with average power consumption less than 125W per TradeView device


RoHS, EN61000, IEC61000, IEC 60950, and UL60950
Security Authentication RADIUS and TACACS+


1U height

Inches: L:17.5 W:17 H: 1.75 (CM: L:44.5 x W: 43.2 x H: 4.4)


11.25 lbs (5.1 kgs)

Supported Feeds

Over 200 feeds are supported, including TMX Alpha, AQUIS, ASX24, BATS BYX, BZX Equities, BZX Options, EDGEA and EDGEB, BATS CHI-X Europe, BMV (Mexico), CBOE, CBOT, CFE, NASDAQ CX2 and CXC, BM&F Bovespa, Borsa Italiana (Main and TAH), CME (BM&F, BMD, COMEX, CTA, DME, NYMEX and MEXDER), Hong Kong Exchange(Orion), JSE, KCBT, KOSPI, KOSDAQ, KRX, Eurex, Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets, ICE, ISE, LSE, MICEX, NASDAQ OMX, NLX, NYSE (multiple venues), OPRA, OTC, SIX, STRIKE Microwave Network, TMX, TMXV, TMX Select, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Turquoise, UTP, CTS/CQS, and Xetra.

Check with your Ixia sales representative for the latest list of supported feeds.
Key Features
  • Monitors four 10Gbps network lines at full-line rate
  • Provides traffic statistics resolution down to 0.1 millisecond
  • Offers channel health alerting
  • Ensures microburst detection
  • Boasts a small 1U form factor
  • Delivers quick and easy updating of feed decoder software

Market Data Feed Quality: A Health Check

Problem: A history of Market Data Feed Quality: A Health Check slow and costly monitoring

Rapidly detecting degradation in the quality of real-time market data feeds is a complex task requiring sophisticated tools. Organizations have traditionally relied on tough-to-maintain proprietary solutions, costly transaction monitoring tools, or worse yet, technologies lacking proper error correction mechanisms. The result: slow decision making, long fault repair times, expensive processes, and poor communication between application and network operations teams.

Solution: Easy to deploy and fast to respond to real-time feeds

Ixia TradeView is a unique network monitoring tool designed to track real-time market data feeds. Easy to deploy, it instantly detects multicast sequence gaps and microbursts, and it contains built-in decoders for high-performance monitoring of more than 300 Exchange feeds. At nearly half the price of competing server-based solutions, TradeView delivers a low total cost of ownership while eliminating the need for expensive in-house multicast gap tools. Fast fault detection capabilities also ensure high-speed resolution of Exchange feed problems.