Ixia xStream 40 - Purpose-built Network Packet Broker (NPB) for fail-safe inline security tools deployment and out-of-band network traffic monitoring for high-speed 10/40G networks.

Ixia xStream 10 - Comprehensive security packet brokering for 10G networks, delivering filtering, aggregation, and load-balancing.

Ixia xFilter - Advanced Network Packet Optimization Appliance.

Ixia Director - Smart filtering to direct traffic of interest to monitoring tools.


Key Features
  • Enables resiliency, uptime, and performance for security appliances with easy-to-use inline security packets
  • Provides a wide variety of failure detection and recovery options, including tool heartbeats, link failure propagation, high availability, and load balancing spares
  • Offers aggregation, filtering, and load balancing of traffic from multiple links to multiple tools
  • Serves as a high-density 1U unit that supports up to 64 10G or up to 16 40G connections at line rate
  • Features non-blocking, cut-through architecture that supports 1.28Tbps with a switch latency of 300 nanoseconds and PTPv2-based timestamping

A Fail-Safe Inline Security Tool Platform

Problem: The balance between security and availability

Organizations need the right mix of security tools to proactively block threats. But deploying multiple inline tools in production networks increases the risks of outages and failure. All it takes is for a single inline tool to break down, and the network becomes instantly unavailable, resulting in business interruption, poor productivity, and lost revenue. To reduce security vulnerabilities and still protect the bottom line, organizations need to find a reliable way to balance security tool infrastructure with business availability.

Ixia xStream

Solution: A broker for high-speed network traffic

Ixia xStream is a powerful network visibility platform that lets IT organizations safely deploy inline security solutions while protecting network and business availability. xStream hosts a complete recovery and scalability mechanism for troubleshooting issues with inline deployments, and it automatically reroutes traffic should a tool break down, ensuring network and business continuity. xStream also saves money, because a network outage can cost thousands of dollars per minute. Moreover, by aggregating, filtering, and load balancing traffic to inline tools, xStream provides a scalable inline tool infrastructure and enhanced security.