6 Steps Optimize Defensive Security


6 Steps You Can Take to Optimize Defensive Security

While there is a myriad of security architectures and techniques available to enterprise IT professionals, what is the best approach? One of the best approaches is to reduce your attack surface and then screen the data that comes into the network afterwards. A defensive network security architecture is an example of this strategy and allows you to focus on preventing as many breaches as possible.

Read this white paper to see how a six-step approach to securing your enterprise can help you:

1. Validate equipment readiness against malware and distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks with a security threat tester

2. Block traffic from known bad IP addresses

3. Use inline real-time traffic analysis to search for hidden malware and security threats

4. Decrypt data packets for better security inspection

5. Perform advanced data filtering to improve analytics

6. Enable deep packet inspection for threat detection and analysis