Accelerating Design Validation for 5G New Radio

5G New Radio devices need to deliver higher throughput and lower latency connections and support a large number of machines communicating with each other.  Using millimetre-wave (mmWave) frequencies with wider bandwidths, scalable numerologies, and MIMO with beam steering will be no small feat. This webinar describes key aspects of the 5G New Radio Release-15 standard and implications for design and test.  It walks through solutions based on early-to-market case studies for mmWave signal quality, MIMO/beam steering calibration, and over-the-air tests, enabling RF/ mmWave designers to find new insights from the latest trends in 5G.

Top three learnings:

  • Impacts of 5G scalable numerology on 5G designs
  • Achieving signal quality with mmWave, high bandwidth signals
  • Comparing over-the-air testing techniques