Deployment Guide: Fireeye + Ixia


Best Practice Deployment Guide: FireEye + Ixia

Adding Scale and Resilience to FireEye NX Series Deployments using Ixia Visibility.

FireEye’s network security appliances (NX series) advanced threat protection (ATP) protect an organization from attacks. Leveraging the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine, web traffic is analyzed in real time to identify the most sophisticated attacks. However, in today’s competitive security market, IT customers are looking for system level security solutions that can cost effectively scale and change to their growing networks needs and resilient to outages. Ixia’s Network Visibility Solutions (NVS), including Bypass Switches and Network Packet Brokers (NPB), complement FireEye’s security products to create the best-in-class scalable and resilient security solutions that IT professional need and want to purchase. 

This best practice document draws on industry trends and lessons learned to add scalability and resilience to FireEye’s network security deployments. The methods and suggestions outlined in this document are provided to answer IT customer questions on “how to” accomplish their scalability and resilience goals with FireEye. The use cases defined in this document are tested by Ixia, deployed at customers and are ready to be demonstrated with the intent of accelerating evaluation cycles, avoid technical pitfalls at deployment, and helping customers scale their FireEye deployments.