Deployment Guide: Imperva + Ixia


Best Practice Deployment Guide: Imperva + Ixia

By closely linking Imperva SecureSphere and Ixia NVS products to build a system level solution, Imperva and Ixia’s mutual channel partners will gain the benefit of increasing sales dollars per engagements. This will have a secondary benefit of increased incentives and mindshare for Imperva and Ixia for new customer discovery by the channel.

The paper spells out how to integrate Imperva SecureSphere with Ixia’s NVS to proactively:

  • Enhance Inline network resiliency  Dynamically load balanced workloads across multiple Imperva WAFs
  • Maximize Imperva WAF utilization by accessing multiple network links across the data center to Imperva WAFs
  • Implement advanced failover mechanisms to prevent outages and minimize maintenance downtime
  • Build high availability into mission critical deployments