Solution Brief titled Block More Threats Faster with Ixia's Threat Intelligence Solution


Block More Threats Faster: Ixia Threat Intelligence Solution

Even with a firewall, IPS, and an array of other security devices, organizations still miss clues and suffer security breaches. Why? Because the volume of security alerts has overwhelmed security teams and even the security infrastructure itself. What is needed is a more efficient way to identify and eliminate known threats before they turn into alerts, reserving your security tools for deep packet inspection and letting your staff focus on high-value security analysis.

Deployed inline alongside your other security appliances, a dedicated threat intelligence solution can block malicious traffic before it flows to your other appliances. Using a high-performance, hardware-based gateway, Ixia's solution will block communications with many more IP addresses than a firewall or IPS, with no degradation in performance as the number of addresses increases. Ixia uses an Application and Threat Intelligence feed to automatically update the gateway appliance every five minutes, so your staff never has to configure or update rules or filters. Ixia's solution also features an external bypass switch to make sure outages in your inline appliances--including the intelligence gateway--never impact network availability, even if you proactively take an appliance offline for maintenance or troubleshooting.