Bringing Evasions Out Into The Open

Breaches like the recent Equifax catastrophe keep many network operators anxious about the state of their own network security. With session one, we helped you with the difficult decisions related to patch management; now there’s a more advanced discussion we need to have about evasions.

Listen to Ixia's Steve McGregory as he talks about Bringing Evasions out into the open. Evasions, techniques that malware and hackers use to fly under the radar, cause most security-concerned experts to lose sleep at night. Although the majority of our industry still ignores the topic of evasions, Steve aims to change that by highlighting evasions in practice today and challenging the industry to increase awareness, educate people, and help move security products to focus on evasion techniques. This is no longer an academic story for our industry, and it’s time we take a serious look at evasions and uncover our weak links to shore up protection.