Corsec + Ixia: How to Satisfy New Federal Requirements in the Face of Changing Cybersecurity Threats

Advancements in technology are changing the way the organization interacts with each other on a national and global scale. The rising threat and evolution of security vulnerabilities have led to enormous shifts in government policies, procedures, and defense strategies. Register for this webinar to hear about comprehensive security solutions that not only address the changing face of cybersecurity and satisfy new federal requirements for data protection but increase network visibility without putting mission-critical resources at risk. 

•    Evolving threats, industry trends redefining security systems, security mandates, and their effect on procurement - Matt Keller, Program Manager, Corsec 
•    Use cases for Government and actionable steps available to implement across an agency - Alex Kunin, Government Customer Relations Team Lead, Ixia, A Keysight Business 
•    Panel Discussion 

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