DDoS Mitigation Just Won’t Work Without this Secret Ingredient


You cannot win battles without combat training. Even the best soldiers with the best weapons will not function in a battle, unless they have practiced the mission at hand in a realistic training exercise. A military exercise “pulls it all together” and tests how people and tools work together as a single security force. Denial of service (DoS) mitigation functions in the same way.

Ddos Mitigation

In today’s cyber war, DDoS mitigation services and tools are your weapons. Your in-house security team members are your soldiers. Tools—and staff to operate them—are a must. But without a real simulation of a DDoS attack, which can take many different shapes and forms, you are not really prepared, and your organization is not really protected.  


Ixia, a leader in security testing and network visibility, works with 77 of the Fortune 100 companies and 47 of the world’s top 50 telecom carriers. We have helped some of the world’s largest organizations protect themselves against disastrous distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks. 

Based on our experience, we endorse a four-step process to DDoS mitigation: 

First Step 

Pick your weapon- select a DDoS mitigation tool or service 

Second Step 

Know your enemy- learn their attack patterns and what to expect 

Third Step* 

Put it into practice- simulate an attack and defend as best you can 

Fourth Step 

Build your “ultimate pass/fail test”-determine how your team will react in a real attack 

*The Third Step is the secret ingredient – your very own combat training. Without it, your “ultimate pass/fail test” and your actual performance during an attack will be dramatically different—and not for the better. 

 We put together a quick guide that will teach you our approach—from picking the right DDoS mitigation technology and understanding common attack patterns to simulating an attack to enable realistic combat training and building your ultimate pass/fail test procedure for the day of a real attack. Learn how to be truly ready and protect your most valuable assets when faced with an attack.