Every second counts: get your flyaway kit to speed incident response

Studies show that it still takes an average of 69 days to contain data breaches and that breaches would cost $1 Million less if they could be contained within one month. Even so, most companies still don’t have a formal incident response plan in place.

Attend this session to put time on your side. Visibility and security experts from Bricata and Ixia will show how you can quickly pull the essential data out of your network and use it to stop threats faster – no matter where they are – using Incident Response Flyaway Kits to create portable visibility.

We’ll share leading-edge best practices for:

  • Tapping into critical data anywhere in your network
  • Prioritizing remediation and containment efforts
  • Creating and leveraging metadata
  • Using portable “Flyaway Kits” to speed response and forensics

Experts from Bricata and Ixia will show you how you can see what need to see – and what you’ve been missing — whether it’s hiding within endpoints, central systems, or hard-to-track communications between the two.

Learn how to get the right Flyaway Kits for your team, and why you can’t afford not to!