Finding Evil Wherever it Lurks- Webinar on Demand

New cyberattacks appear every day and defenders need to stay a step ahead. If protecting your network, hybrid clouds, and business operations feels like a race against time, attend this timely session to learn new strategies used by the world’s leading security experts.

Experts from FireEye and Ixia will explore the power of advanced network visibility in detecting threats in real time to optimize investigations and forensics. Join this webinar to see what visibility means to a typical day in the life of security operations including:

  • Detecting threats and acting faster
  • Gaining complete visibility across your network, hybrid clouds, and business operations
  • Providing forensics teams with better data

As network perimeters vanish, visibility proves vital to monitoring and securing performance, meeting compliance mandates, and side-stepping data breaches.

Register for this webinar now and get a real-world take on creating the visibility and peace of mind you deserve.