Key practices for developing network insight through dynamic network intelligence


Five Key Practices for Developing Network Insight, A Guide to Dynamic Network Intelligence

The world of IT is changing. The network is still a core asset, but it is harder to manage and control. You need a better understanding of what is happening on your network, from application performance and security posture, to quality of service and user experience. You need more than basic network data. You need dynamic network intelligence to answer critical questions such as:

  • Why is voice over IP experiencing issues--is it the network or the application?
  • Why is a large amount of data egressing the network to an unknown IP address?
  • What would the user experience be like if we added a new application at our branch offices?

The solution is to access the right network data, extract the meaning it contains, and take fast action on what you learn. This is the process of developing dynamic network intelligence and it could not be more critical. Download this e-book to learn how to transform basic network data into meaningful network intelligence.