Fusion-Enabled Gigabit Ethernet XMVDC LAN Services Module

Under Ixia’s Fusion program, LSM1000XMVDC16NG-02 and LSM1000XMVDC4NG load modules are capable of running the IxN2X application as well as IxNetwork, IxLoad and other Ixia applications. This unprecedented cross-platform compatibility provides an extraordinary value proposition to the existing IxN2X user base in supporting Ixia applications as well as the IxN2X application on a high-density platform. It also allows the user base presently employing IxN2X and Ixia chassis platforms – XM2, XG12, and XGS12-SD – to leverage their hardware across both. IxN2X in conjunction with IxNetwork, IxLoad, and other Ixia applications provide support for a wide breadth of protocols and application testing such as Converged Ethernet.

Full features and specifications are available in the product data sheet.