Help stop zero-day malware attacks. ThreatARMOR from Ixia.

The hackers who produce malware and ransomware get better every day, finding ways to modify and mutate their code so quickly that no signature-based system can hope to keep up. This leaves networks vulnerable to infection, extortion, and data theft. Ixia’s ThreatARMOR™ helps to even the odds. 

ThreatARMOR boosts your security and reduces alert fatigue. It defends against the latest threats with around-the-clock Threat Intelligence feeds from Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, which investigates thousands of new malware samples every year. 

One product of Ixia’s ongoing security research is a massive database of Internet sites hosting criminal and malicious activity, such as phishing and network scanning. This database also includes the websites that host the individual botnet controllers that may control hundreds or thousands of mutated malware variants. We call this database a Rap Sheet. 

Every single Internet protocol (IP) address in the Rap Sheet database is revalidated every single day to ensure the database is current and cleaned-up sites are removed. These known-bad sites, along with any untrusted countries and hijacked IPs, are automatically blocked by ThreatARMOR so that even if a malware or ransomware package is downloaded onto the network, its phone-home attempts to leak data or download additional malicious code will be thwarted.

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