How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Hybrid IT Migration


How to Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Hybrid IT Migration

Many enterprise IT teams have experienced, or continue to experience, problems with the migration from their physical on-premises networks to their new cloud instances. Despite all of the hype about how great public clouds are, there are normally issues with a migration that include:  performance problems, service outages, missed security threats, and more.

The key to a successful deployment is knowing ahead of time where the issues lie and addressing those potential issues upfront—before they become a service impacting scenario. This whitepaper will examine seven key issues with public cloud deployments and how to avoid migration pitfalls.

Here are the seven "deadly sins" of Hybrid IT migrations to avoid:

  1. Assuming what functions should be migrated instead of conducting a thorough investigation
  2. Not researching the right type of cloud provider solution 
  3. Ignoring how the solution will be managed
  4. Believing that the cloud vendor is responsible for the security of your cloud solution
  5. Lack of planning for network visibility and monitoring functions
  6. Lack of understanding of the solution's performance capabilities
  7. Believing vendor hype about efficiency expectations

Download this whitepaper to see how you can prevent these issues for your cloud migration.