Ixia Indigo Pro Datasheet


Indigo Pro

Ixia's Indigo Pro offers High Availability (HA) for robust, comprehensive management capabilities and lets you manage a wide deployment of wired, wireless, and/or virtual devices. This versatile platform also allows growing networks to expand their management and planned capabilities to keep pace with increasing needs as devices are added.

Ixia Indigo Pro is delivered either as a physical appliance or as a virtual appliance in VMware or Oracle Virtual Box format. As a software solution, Indigo Pro virtual appliance is available at a significantly lower cost than the physical one. Deployment is amazingly simple too, thanks to a fast, fully automated discovery process that can quickly identify all supported Ixia Vision network packet brokers, Ixia iTap/iBypass/xStream family of products, and even third- party devices throughout the network. Indigo Pro also checks continuously for devices being removed, or taken offline.

Download the datasheet to read additional details on the key features and Contact Us for a demo or price quote.