Inspecting SSL Traffic


Inspecting SSL Traffic

A delicate balancing act is taking place on networks globally. It is the balance between applying strong protective measures to keep data safe and unintentionally concealing new IT security vulnerabilities. And it all centers on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Just as SSL encryption protects certain details of a transaction, it can also conceal and protect malicious cyberthreats. This means it is essential for organizations to decrypt and inspect SSL traffic, to be sure it is not being used to propagate malware.

This paper describes the current state of SSL traffic inspection and how organizations can gain full visibility into what is happening in their networks and mission-critical applications.

What You’ll Learn:

-    What is SSL encryption, and why should organizations take it more seriously?

-    Why is network visibility so essential is this context?

-    What are the most tangible threats, and threat indicators?

-    What performance problems exist for firewalls, antivirus, antibot and application monitoring tools?