Ixia xFilter


Ixia xFilter


The Ixia xFilter™ provides advanced packet brokering, grooming, and optimization capabilities, including packet management, filtering, tunnel decapsulation, and network management. This advanced appliance allows IT managers to offload the burden of compute-intensive functions from monitoring and security tools. The effectiveness of these tools could otherwise be severely impaired by diverting of bandwidth and CPU resources away from their primary functions of security and performance monitoring. As the first solution on the market to perform these vital functions in a single device, the Ixia xFilter significantly improves the efficiency, performance, and effectiveness of the entire network and its security monitoring infrastructure.

Available as a physical or virtual appliance, the xFilter offers deployment flexibility for operating in today’s dynamic network environments and all areas of the converged data center. The physical appliance delivers high throughput port density (up to 12 10G ports), while the virtual appliance is the only on-demand solution of its kind that can be deployed and configured with a few simple mouse clicks.

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