How a GUI changes Network Performance


How a GUI changes Network Performance

The Network World headline says it all:  Ixia’s GUI faster, more accurate than Gigamon’s command line interface or Flowmap

In this insightful article, you can read an analyst’s point of view on how an integrated drag-and-drop GUI dramatically improves network programming efficiency, network troubleshooting speed, and network monitoring accuracy over command line interface (CLI) or Flowmap approaches.

According to a series of customer interviews by ZK Research, “Gigamon…configuration tools make it challenging for IT to ensure the tools are properly set up.” Ixia has a graphical configuration interface that provides significant advantages over Gigamon.

In this article you will learn:

  • What is “tool sprawl” and how to manage it
  • The benefits of using a Network Packet Broker (NPB)
  • The advantages of Ixia’s GUI vs. the complexity of Gigamon’s

Read this article to get the insights you need to optimize your network performance.