Ixia’s Guide to Visibility Use Cases - Network Performance


Ixia’s Guide to Visibility Use Cases - Network Performance

By establishing network visibility and uncovering blind sports, organizations can better optimize their network. Application monitoring tools help to quickly discover, isolate, and solve network problems related to applications. Various parameters require analysis, including client CPU utilization, data throughput, bandwidth and application memory consumption, and geographic location of problems.

This paper outlines how to use network visibility to help optimize performance. Topics include:

  • application intelligence that identifies slow or underperforming applications
  • application performance monitoring for network optimization
  • proactive monitoring that creates better and faster network rollouts
  • optimization of network performance monitoring effectiveness
  • prevention of application bandwidth overloads on your network
  • use of a GTP Session Controller to improve carrier customer quality of experience (QoE)
  • improved and simplified voice quality monitoring efforts
  • focused deep packet inspection that optimizes your network data
  • inline network performance monitoring
  • improved data collection that makes QoE monitoring more effective
  • the offload of NetFlow data generation for improved switch performance

Download this whitepaper to read about how to implement these use cases.