Ixia Guide Visibility Use Cases Removing Network Blind Spots


Ixia’s Guide to Visibility Use Cases - Removing Network Blind Spots

Unnoticed network vulnerabilities are blind spots, especially as they pertain to application reliability, performance, and security. Blind spots directly correlate to network problems and outages, increased network security risk, and potential regulatory compliance issues. Identifying blind spots by establishing greater network visibility is critical for identifying hidden threats.

This paper outlines how to use network visibility to remove blind spots that reduce network issues, security risk, and compliance issues. Specific topics include:

  • visibility architectures expose missing and hidden data
  • tap deployments improve data collection
  • virtual taps reveal hidden east-west traffic in virtual data centers
  • regenerating monitoring data for distribution to multiple destinations
  • visibility into cloud networks
  • eliminate switched port analyzer (SPAN) port overload
  • reducing network complexity with visibility architectures
  • Cisco ACI monitoring
  • visibility loss — mergers and acquisitions (M&As) network integrations
  • better validation of network designs

Download this whitepaper to read about how to implement these use cases.