KeyCoin FAQ



KeyCoin FAQ

What are KeyCoins™?

KeyCoins™ are virtual currencies that a customer can purchase from Ixia/Keysight. The KeyCoins™ are deposited into the customer’s cloud account and can be used towards any Ixia/Keysight subscription based products. KeyCoins™ can be used towards CloudLens Public and Hawkeye Express

How can KeyCoins™ be used?

KeyCoins™ are used towards consumption of Ixia/Keysight subscription products. This is primarily used towards pre-paid model; the KeyCoins™ are deposited in a customer’s cloud account; at the end of every month based on the customer’s consumption KeyCoins™ are deducted; a consumption and balance statement is sent to the customer.

What is the minimum number of KeyCoins™ that can be purchased?

Minimum purchase is 10,000 KeyCoins™

How long is the KeyCoins™ purchase valid?

KeyCoins™ expire one year after purchase.

What is the value of each KeyCoins™?

KeyCoins™ were introduced to support partner/re-seller discounts in a subscription based model. In the context of CloudLens Public solution, we support a max discount of 20%.

Ex. If CloudLens Public is sold direct, the customer is entitled to a max discount of 20% i.e. the customer pays $8000 and the account is deposited with 10,000 KeyCoins™.