KeyCoin FAQ

KeyCoin FAQ

What is a KeyCoin?

A KeyCoin is a prepayment (credit) that a customer can purchase from Ixia, a Keysight Business. KeyCoins are deposited into a customer’s cloud account and can be used towards many Ixia products, including, but not limited to: CloudLens and Hawkeye Express

How can KeyCoins be used?

KeyCoins are used to offset the charges from Ixia products. Basically, this means is  a pre-paid model where customers purchase the KeyCoins up front and deposit them into a cloud account; at the end of every month, based on the customer’s product usage, KeyCoin are deducted. A summary of  consumption and balance statement are sent to the customer.

What is the value of each KeyCoin?

For U.S. Customers, the value of a KeyCoin is $1, regardless of how much was paid for the KeyCoin. For other countries/currencies, please contact your sales rep.