Regulatory Compliance and Other Networking Challenges


Regulatory Compliance and Other Networking Challenges

A top concern of corporate IT departments today is how to maintain compliance with evolving regulatory initiatives. To maintain compliance, organizations need to establish greater visibility into the data that flows through their networks, where it goes, and how to control it. They can achieve this by creating a visibility architecture, which is end-to-end infrastructure that delivers network, application, and security visibility. This visibility allows you to optimize your network data capture, data privacy, and compliance verification techniques. 

Deployment of data masking, network monitoring, regular expression (regex) searching, packet trimming, and lawful intercept enables organizations to better comply with local and international regulations. 

This paper outlines how to use network visibility to meet compliance initiatives, including the following: 

  • enhancing regulatory compliance with data masking 
  • discovering rogue IT on your network 
  • searching for and capturing specific data with application intelligence 
  • eliminating sensitive data propagation with packet trimming 
  • performing lawful intercept data captures 
  • enforcing IT network security and compliance policies 
  • documenting security policies for regulatory compliance