Testing Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks


Testing Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks

Companies are migrating land lines to voice over IP (VoIP). A growing number of businesses have replaced their Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) for cheaper VoIP alternatives, but the debate over reliability is not over until you test it.

VoIP used to be notorious for poor quality and dropped calls. But over time, big strides have been made, and now there are a growing list of reasons why making the change could be a productive move.

In this informative white paper, Testing Voice over IP Networks, Ixia will show you the challenges and benefits of making the switch, including the network requirements for toll quality and bandwidth along with details on CODECs, jitter, packet loss and more. 

What you will learn:

  • What constitutes high availability, reliability, performance and capacity tests
  • Testing challenges in VoIP networks
  • Determining what the max call setup rate should be for SIP-based devices and systems

Do not wait for a string of dropped calls or unreachable connections to ruin your reputation. Download this white paper today and learn what you may be missing.