Top Four Considerations When Migrating to Public Cloud


Top Four Considerations When Migrating to Public Cloud

Organizations everywhere are moving pieces, if not all, of their workloads to public clouds. This is understandable as there are some clear benefits to this strategy. At the same, a public cloud instance does not work the same way as a physical on-premises network does. This means that when you make your move to the cloud, you need to understand that it is not simply a “lift and shift” endeavor. Making this assumption could make you very sorry.

Instead of hoping your cloud migration works, a solid approach would be to ask yourself the following four questions before you create this new architecture:

  • What is the extent and timeframe of your migration strategy?
  • How will you handle the decrease in network visibility as you move to the cloud?
  • Will you need to deploy inline security and monitoring tools?
  • How do you plan to accurately gauge network performance?

These items present serious challenges for businesses considering cloud deployments. However, there are viable solutions and processes that mitigate these considerations to help make cloud migration as beneficial as possible. Read this whitepaper to get some useful ideas.