Uncompromised Visibility and Security white paper


Uncompromised Visibility and Security Performance

Today’s IT staffs are challenged, dealing with the avalanche of big data and computing necessary to remain competitive. Uncompromised visibility, where the organization has end-to-end views of each and every critical packet, becomes a business imperative, with a best-in-class visibility platform enabling your security and performance tools to be much more effective.

In this paper, learn:

  • How to avoid “network blind spots” that increase the risk of security breaches and possible data loss with performance repercussions
  • Which features on industry-standard network packet brokers result not only in reduced performance but (even worse) dropped packets
  • Findings from Network Packet Broker (NPB) performance testing conducted by The Tolly Group on major NPB competitors

Outpace your peers with knowledge of how to create a competitive edge with uncompromised visibility, enabling greater success in security and performance management.