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Viavi and Ixia

Stop missing critical network events. Instead, rewind your network to quickly troubleshoot sporadic performance problems. Storing up to 576TB of network data for days, weeks, or months, the GigaStor can navigate to the exact moment a problem happened to show a detailed packet-level view of before, during and after the occurrence. The Ixia network visibility solution and GigaStor work together to capture and analyze network traffic in a scalable solution that can accurately and efficiently monitor networks of any size. Ixia network visibility solutions passively direct out-ofband network traffic from multiple access points, such as SPANs, taps, and virtual taps (also sold by Ixia), in the network to the GigaStor for capture. Traffic is aggregated from all needed access points in the network to provide comprehensive visibility. The GigaStor records 100 percent of full duplex network traffic at 10G line-rate speeds. The Network Instruments GigaStor and Observer products can then search and analyze the captured traffic for anomalies and quick problem resolution.