Video over IPTV, RTP, LTV


Video over IPTV

This Black Book series focuses on testing video delivery platforms used in IPTV and OTT services. The test cases outline how to validate core streaming protocols including RTSP, RTP, IGMP, multicast, Flash™ Player technology, Silverlight® Player technology, Apple® HLS, with advanced MPEG2, H.264, AAC, and related audio/video CODECs. The types of video services being tested include linear broadcast (LTV), video on demand (VOD), and HTTP-based adaptive bitrate technologies for Over the Top (OTT) on-demand and live streaming.

This Black Book includes functionality, pentesting, and impairment methodologies that can be used to verify device and system functionality and performance. The methodologies are universally applicable to any test equipment.  Step-by-step implementation examples using Ixia's test platforms and applications are included to demonstrate the art of the possible.