What Is a Network Packet Broker (And Why Do You Need One)?


What Is a Network Packet Broker (And Why Do You Need One)?

Keeping networks safe and users thriving amid the relentless flux requires a host of sophisticated tools performing real-time analysis.  All of these tools need to know exactly what is happening in the network and their output is only as good as the data they receive.

The challenge lies in efficiently funneling data from the network to each tool. Ixia’s Vision series of network packet brokers (NPBs) do just what the name suggests. They facilitate:

  • Better data for better decisions
  • Tighter security
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Increased proactivity
  • Improved ROI

NPBs aggregate and filter the data sent to tools, adding intelligent grooming and security enhancements such as deduplication, SSL decryption, data masking, and application and threat intelligence. But, not all solutions are created equal. Contact us to discuss your unique network challenges and which NPB solution delivers the performance, ease of use, reliability, and security intelligence you need.