Xcellon-Multis Reduced 40GE Load Modules


Xcellon-Multis Reduced 40GE Load Modules


As bandwidth requirements press the limits of networking devices, equipment manufacturers must keep pace by introducing even higher-density 10GE and 40GE gear. Xcellon-Multis is Ixia’s next-generation architecture and test solution to satisfy a wide range of testing needs. As service providers and large enterprises implement this same equipment in their own networks, they must also test and verify performance and functionality prior to deployment.

Ixia’s Xcellon-Multis load module family comprises the industry’s highest-density 10GE and 40GE higher speed Ethernet (HSE) test equipment, providing more flexible test coverage for high-density test requirements. These ultra-dense load modules bring a higher return on investment by reducing overall costs associated with product licensing, space, power, and cooling.

The Xcellon-Multis Reduced 40GE load modules offer industry-leading high-density, cost-effective, and flexible 40GE capability for testing next-generation multi-terabit networks. Used in conjunction with Ixia applications, the user can quickly and accurately assess the performance and reliability of network equipment and solutions before they are deployed.