Security Fabric

A powerful visibility engine with the capability to deliver the right traffic to the right tools

Security Fabric™ uses context-awareness and security intelligence to deliver de-duplicated and highly relevant traffic to your inline and out-of-band security tools. Powered by dual data processing engines, Security Fabric is the foundation for stronger inline and out-of-band security deployments.

The Ixia Security Fabric uses 100% data access, resilience, context-aware data processing, and security intelligence processing to ensure the right data gets to the right tools, even at high speeds.

Intelligent Visibility Diagram

Security Through Visibility, Context, and Simplicity

In this white paper, Enterprise Management Associates (“EMA”) explores the benefits of adding visibility, context, performance, and resilience to security operations.

Ixia Security Fabric Security Through Visibility Context and Simplicity
Security Intelligence Processing


Free your security tools to focus on suspicious traffic analysis. The Ixia Security Fabric decrypts SSL traffic so your security tools can find malware hidden in encrypted communications. It also supports data compliance requirements by masking sensitive information like credit cards and social security numbers. And if you want to remove known bad traffic from ever entering your network, activate the threat intelligence gateway to automatically block traffic from IP addresses known to distribute malware, viruses, and other attacks.

Context-Aware Data Processing


To get the right data to the right security and network monitoring tools, the Ixia Security Fabric has a powerful context-aware data processing engine that recognizes rich metadata and delivers enhanced Netflow information. It performs both shallow and deep packet inspection to intelligently decide which security tools need the packet, which do not, and which already have a duplicate of it. Create granular forwarding rules with more than 220 application signature families already built-in. No cookbooks or scripting necessary. Learn more about Context-Aware Data Processing.

Security Resilience


Programmable bypass switches recognize and reroute network traffic around inline security tool outages at nanosecond speeds. With the industry’s fastest heartbeat to monitor security tool availability, Ixia bypass switches can be configured to either route around a tool failure or block network access. And with the most comprehensive high availability options on the market, Ixia Security Fabric supports serial or parallel use cases to ensure fully redundant inline security with near-instant failover. Learn more about Inline Security Resilience.

Data Access Anywhere


You want to access physical and virtual data everywhere it is exists in your network, not just where a network switch is located. With a combination of fiber, copper, and virtual taps, Security Fabric provides you with 100% access to physical and virtual traffic with higher reliability than using only SPAN ports, especially in heavy network traffic conditions.

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