ESG Cyber security Skills Gap Research

Cyber security Skills Shortage Is Getting Worse

ESG 1 revealed that 51% of organizations have a problematic cyber security skills shortage. The cyber security skills gap is getting worse. Back in 2014, ESG reported that only 23% of enterprises said they had a shortage of specialist cyber security skills.

Cyber Range Hands-On Experience Builds Cyber security Skills

 ISACA2 reported that 55% of security leaders say that practical hands-on experience is the most important  qualification for a cyber security candidate.


Develop the best cyber warfare professionals by giving them the hands-on experience to know their enemy, their techniques, and their view of the IT world, and help your cyber security team know themselves by training  under pressure at the cyber range.

Cyber Range Hands-On Experience Builds Cyber security Skills
Ixia Cyber Range Boosts Cyber security skills on The Beast

Ixia Cyber Range Boosts Cyber security Skills

To address the cyber security gap, we looked at our portfolio of technology and expertise to offer the industry a hands-on approach to stay current, upskilled, and updated on the latest cyber security methods, tools, and technologies.

The Ixia Cyber Range in-a-box solution, nicknamed “The Beast”, brings together Ixia BreakingPoint on Ixia PerfectStorm, Ixia ThreatARMOR, Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), Quali Orchestration, and Splunk Security Information Event Management (SIEM).

Cyber Combat Singapore Case Study

The Singapore Cyber Security Agency estimates that the demand for cyber security professionals will grow from 4,700 in 2015 to 7,200 in 2018 and 9,700 in 20213 .

To help the cyber security community, we put together the intense Ixia Cyber Combat event that took place in Singapore in December of 2017.

The event brought together 20 two-person teams of security-focused technical participants who experienced 12 hours of intense expert-level cyber security hands-on challenges. They were accompanied by 60 C-level business observers who assessed the cyber range approach to addressing the cyber skills gap. In addition to the invaluable hands-on and highly competitive experience, the winning team earned the prize of S$10,000.

Ixia Cyber Combat Singapore Case Study
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