don't get blinded by the edge

It’s a brave new world for your network. SD-WAN, 5G, and the internet of things are changing how your network looks, how it behaves, and how fast it reacts. Smart devices are getting smarter, and edge computing is helping reduce latency and improve performance.

But how do you prevent performance problems and protect an expanding attack surface?

You need to future-proof your network, and that means capturing dynamic network intelligence across the entirety of your network’s edge. By arming your security and performance monitoring tools with actionable insights, you can protect your assets, applications, credibility, and bottom line at the same time.

Ixia's Edge-Optimized Architecture

arm your tools with Dynamic Network Intelligence, From Core to Edge

When it comes to edge computing, reducing costs, strengthening security, and maintaining performance all depend on actionable intelligence from every corner of your network. That's why we built an edge-optimized network architecture that delivers packet-level visibility, active monitoring, and application intelligence to ensure your tools never miss a thing — all managed through an intuitive, single-pane-of-glass that keeps everything running smoothly with no wasted effort.

Ixia Edge Computing Architecture

The Pillars of an Edge Architecture

  • Take Control of User Experience
  • Monitor Every Corner of Your Network
  • Capture Critical Intelligence
  • Aggregate & Filter Distributed Packets
  • Edge Computing - Ixia Hawkeye

    maintain peak performance and meet tough slas

    While edge computing helps you reduce latency and improve user experience, what happens when things go wrong? Relying on live traffic only alerts you to issues your users are currently experiencing. If you want to get ahead of problems and safeguard user experiences at the edge, you need a proactive approach — and active monitoring is the way to go. By emulating user traffic and sending it across your network, you get a verified source of truth that helps you troubleshoot faster and maintain peak performance.

    Discover Hawkeye, Ixia's active/synthetic monitoring platform, to learn more.

  • Edge Computing - Ixia Active Monitoring Endpoints

    get maximum coverage in a minimal footprint

    An active monitoring solution is only as good as its coverage will allow. And as more and more data processing moves to the edge, that means it's critical that you're able to monitor QoS at your branch sites and remote locations. That's why we recommend deploying a mixture of hardware- and software-based endpoints across the entirety of your network's edge. With complete coverage, you can help avoid costly surprises like outages and downtime.

    Check out Ixia's full range of active monitoring endpoints, including the Vision Edge 1S NPB and IxProbe, a last-mile SLA monitoring solution.

  • Edge Computing - Ixia NPBs

    capture the packet data your tools need

    Whether you're processing data in a centralized data center or at the edge, your monitoring tools rely on packet data to identify breaches and performance problems alike. But as edge computing and SD-WAN help you transition from costly MPLS circuits to cheaper IP-based links, packet visibility becomes all the more critical. That's why deploying network taps is essential — enabling you to capture data from Ethernet-based links while avoiding the security vulnerabilities and inherent limitations of SPAN ports.

    Discover Ixia's full range of taps and CloudLens, a cloud-based solution enabling packet capture in virtualized environments, to learn more.

  • Edge Computing - Ixia NPBs

    reduce tool strain with data aggregation

    Once you've deployed a bunch of taps and captured a host of packet data, it's tempting to simply send that straight to your monitoring tools. But an influx of data can quickly overwhelm them — leading to latency, false positives, and more. That's why you need network packet brokers (NPBs) to filter, aggregate, de-duplicate, and create metadata from the raw information coming from your taps. With a user-friendly GUI and remote administration, sending the right data to the right tools has never been easier — even at scale.

    Check out Ixia's edge-optimized NPBs: Vision E1S, Vision E10S, Vision E40, and Vision E100.

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Actively Monitor Your Network's Edge

take control of qos with ixia hawkeye

When it comes to monitoring, passively waiting for live network data only gets you so far — especially at the edge of your network. If you want to find connectivity issues or performance problems before your users do, you need to be proactive.

That's why all of our edge-enabled endpoints integrate seamlessly with Hawkeye, Ixia’s active network monitoring platform. By sending a persistent pulse of simulated application traffic to your branch sites, you won't just know not if the link is up, but if your network is capable of supporting the applications you depend on. And with an integrated dashboard, built-in KPIs, and a large library of application performance tests, monitoring your network's edge has never been easier.

IxProbe Next to Laptop and Router

Introducing IxProbe

Meet tough SLAs and lock in service assurance with inline and active monitoring

For network service providers, the clients who count on them, and large enterprises that operate private or SD-WANs, SLAs are the pulse of business. But as expectations around quality of service (QoS) continue to rise, meeting them can be hard without monitoring last-mile connectivity — threatening your ability to offer lucrative service assurance, satisfy customers, and maintain network access across client sites.

An inline monitoring probe, IxProbe combines real-time monitoring, SLA verification, and synthetic QoS testing via Hawkeye — putting you in control of your network's edge with fewer truck rolls, faster troubleshooting, and effortless deployment at scale.


Future-proof your network with dynamic network intelligence that's ready for today and built for tomorrow.