Validate and secure your IoT connection

Businesses rely on IoT devices.  They sit at the foundation of many business networks providing:

  • Real-time streaming video and related sensor data
  • Critical infrastructure and automated manufacturing 
  • Mobile healthcare and patient monitoring
  • Smart utilities and smart cities

Mobile device manufacturers must validate the performance of new designs against real-world, high-scale conditions.  Ixia provides realistic test scenarios that produce actionable insight to ensure reliable, secure wireless connections.

Thought Leadership
Mobile Iot Device Testing

The Ixia Solution

Pinpoint potential issues in your devices and device networks.  Ixia's IoT Test Solution provides critical insights at every level:

  • Device: Measure wireless range, roaming capabilities, security, interoperability, and overall quality
  • Access point (AP): Emulate hundreds of APs and the networks behind them
  • Environments: Test traffic loads, signal generation, channel modeling, distance emulation, and in-depth performance analysis
  • Quality of experience (QoE) metrics for target applications: email, browsing, unified communications (UC), streaming video, patient monitoring, and voice