IxVision Architecture

End-to-End Visibility Architecture

Delivering amazing customer experiences means keeping applications fast, reliable, and secure. To do that, you need an end-to-end visibility architecture for better visibility and security insights, IxVision.

Enterprises, governments, and service providers do not get optimal results from typical monitoring and security tool deployments. An end-to-end visibility architecture is needed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of these solutions by providing them with access to the right visibility data and intelligence.

Comprehensive visibility and security across physical and virtual environments enables IT to deliver on its service level agreements and customer expectations.

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Intelligent Visibility

Intelligent Visibility Framework
Expanded views for out-of-band network, application, and security monitoring tools—NPM, APM, SIEM, IDS, etc.

Resilient Security

Resilient Security Framework
Fail-safe deployments for in-line security tools—firewalls, next-gen firewalls, IPS, SSL decryption, anti-malware, etc.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring Framework
Proactive SLA and customer experience monitoring for hundreds of application types—voice, video, web service, etc.

Ixia Visibility Architecture

Ixia Visibility Architecture

Ixia's Visibility Architecture is built on the industry’s most comprehensive network visibility product portfolio. This portfolio, serving as the foundation of the Visibility Architecture, includes network access solutions, network packet brokers, application and session visibility solutions, and an integrated management platform.

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"Ixia’s solutions outperformed the competitors we reviewed, offering an industry leading GUI, dynamic filtering, and improved network responsiveness."

Cam Beasley, Chief Information Security Officer, University of Texas

"The Ixia solution has cut the time it takes to diagnose performance problems from days to hours."

Ross Jones, Network Manager at Cook Children's Health

"We were able to start using the Ixia NTO series right away, without any special training. It’s extremely easy to use."

Ryutato Inoue, Manager, Network Security at Yahoo Japan Corporation

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