Ensure the wireless core scales

Service providers build their networks to support heavy user loads with high availability at the highest quality of experience (QoE). Scaling new services such as voice over LTE (VoLTE) requires validating at every level, including:

  • Optimizing diversified LTE infrastructures featuring equipment, systems, and applications from multiple vendors
  • Withstanding spikes in already-hard-to-predict signaling traffic (smartphones generate up to 20x more) that can lead to outages
  • Handling simultaneous protocol requests for tunneling, session or diameter-based signaling
  • Maintaining policy management, mobility, monetization, and quality of service (QoS) at high scale
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Failures typically occur at high scale or under extreme conditions.  To uncover these early, subject your EPC network cores to realistic, high-stress scenarios to validate QoS policies, monetization, and the quality of the subscriber experience.

Ixia solutions qualify the functionality, resiliency, and performance of the EPC in your own lab—before you deploy.  Our IxLoad Wireless and IxCatapult applications deliver repeatable, large-scale EPC and signaling testing virtually impossible to create by any other means.


Validate loads and protocols

IxLoad emulates, isolates, and validates key protocols including mobility management entity (MME), protocols for gateways (S/PGW), servers, charging systems, and more.  IxLoad enables customers to:

  • Model behavior of hundreds of thousands of subscribers
  • Emulate real-world traffic and live-network conditions
  • Generate millions of subscriber sessions to simulate high-scale conditions 
  • Validate Wi-Fi offloading including Wi-Fi gateways and devices

Industry-Best Diameter Testing

IxLoad combines IP multimedia service (IMS) testing with Diameter server emulation to measure packet routing performance, load balancing, failover performance, network congestion control, and proxy/relay services, featuring:

  • SmartAVP enabling users to add, remove, or configure mandatory and custom AVPs
  • Support for multiple 3GPP releases
  • SmartEvents enabling state machine configuration
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