Network Security

Understand Your Security Fabric

Reinforce Your Solid Foundation

Network security is about finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they hurt you—in products, applications, connections, people, or processes.

Improve the effectiveness of your security appliances and the efficiency of your infrastructure with the Ixia IxSecure® architecture and the Ixia Security Fabric.

Ixia IxSecure makes applications and networks stronger by testing their security strength, then enabling and activating a powerful Security Fabric that boosts the power of existing security tools. 

Ixia Security

See how a security fabric can bolster your infrastructure

In operation, IxSecure bolsters enterprise security by enabling an active security fabric. The Ixia Security Fabric is a context-aware, self-healing, resilient dataflow distribution architecture that increases the effectiveness of analytics and security tools by optimizing their data access. This ensures intelligent data routing, filtering and load balancing the right data to the right tools, every time, even when the data is encrypted. 

To reinforce your infrastructure, Ixia’s Security Fabric integrates two additional offerings:

With intelligence-based traffic balancing, you can reduce the load on your existing security infrastructure, which helps extend the life of your infrastructure appliances.  

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Test and Train for Strength

Challenge your product from every angle before you ship. Understand user experience from application to protocol, network performance to connections, user load to traffic-type scalability.


Ensure attack readiness. Train to think like attackers and know exactly how to respond, with security attacks and heavy traffic loads during beta testing and pre-production.

Security Train

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Security Develop

Enable High Performance and Availability

Enable an active Security Fabric that provides full data access, complete resiliency, and intelligent data processing for greater visibility during operation.  

Boost Your Security Infrastructure

Activate a Security Fabric with embedded threat intelligence to identify rogue behaviors, filter out bad IP traffic, and prevent bots from communicating out.  Augment your existing security and improve operational efficiency.  

Security Monitor

“Ixia dramatically reduced our storage costs by filtering out unimportant traffic before sending it to the forensic probes for processing.”

Director Information Security, Large Middle Eastern Bank

“We chose Ixia and BreakingPoint because it is the simplest to use and most comprehensive security test on the market.”

Information Security Architect, Large US Bank

“Ixia allowed us to end-to-end test a new IPTV monitoring system we were about to deploy and helped us uncover some vulnerabilities before we went live.”

Large German Telecom

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