What's your network visibility score?

What's your network visibility score?

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Better network visibility needs the highest performance hardware running the most intelligent data handling software. See how easy it is to deploy inline and out-of-band network visibility.

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Ixia's Advantages For Network Visibility

When selecting a visibility solution, performance matters. Measure for yourself why Ixia is the industry leader in network packet broker performance.

4x Better Performance

8x Easier to Use

Zero Packet Loss

High Availability

Simultaneous Concurrent Features
Ixia Advantage: Performance


If you had a choice between one processor and two, which would you pick? Ixia network packet brokers have four times higher performance because we use a high performance FPGA to make sure you never drop a packet.

Ixia Advantage: Ease of Use

Would you rather program every connection one at a time or drag and drop them? What if one way was much faster and much less prone to mistakes? Find out how:


Ixia Advantage: Zero Packet Loss


Zero Packet Loss for Network Packet Brokers

Would you be worried if your network packet broker was dropping packets? You should put yours to the test because many customers are discovering their current visibility solution is not keeping up.

Ixia Advantage: High Availability


Will you still be protected if your security infrastructure suffers a temporary outage? Or be able to upgrade without service disruption? Make sure security and monitoring tools can recover from unexpected disruptions with the industry's fastest failover.


Ixia Advantage: Concurrent Features


You buy a full-featured network packet broker because of its rich feature set.  You should ensure that you can run simultaneous features since some packet brokers do not allow that.  Ixia network packet brokers give you the flexibility and choice to select and deploy the features you want and need. 

the ixia Security Fabric: The architecture powering Ixia Visibility

The Ixia Security Fabric™ uses context-awareness and security intelligence to deliver de-duplicated and highly relevant traffic to your inline and out-of-band security and monitoring tools. Powered by dual data processing engines, Security Fabric is the foundation for stronger inline and out-of-band security and monitoring deployments.

The Ixia Security Fabric provides complete data access, resilience, context-aware data processing, and security intelligence processing to ensure the right data gets to the right tools, even at high speeds.


Inline Security

  • Inspect live traffic without risk to availability

  • Ensure continuous security with fast failover

  • Update security appliances without downtime

Diagram of Ixia Inline Security solution.


Inline Security Products:

Out-of-Band Monitoring

  • Give tools access to all relevant network traffic

  • Deliver data with speed and accuracy

  • Make changes easily, as often as you need

Diagram depicting out-of-band monitoring.

Out-of-Band Monitoring Products:

Prepare Your Network Now

The deadline is closer than you realize. Hopefully your organization is actively engaged in preparing for GDPR because chances are, it does apply to you. All organizations doing business with individuals living in European Union (EU) member nations must comply with the new regulation to protect personal identifiable information (PII), regardless of where that data is sent, processed, or stored. 

Companies don't need to have an office in the region or process data in an EU member state to be subject to the regulation. Failure to act could have serious consequences for your bottom line, customer relationships, and brand image.

Learn how Ixia visibility and security solutions support compliance and help you get ready for GDPR.

Let us help you build a highly-resilient, total visibility architecture to maximize your security and optimize performance.