SDN and Virtualization


One of the most impactful changes in data center infrastructures over the last decade is virtualization—first for servers, and then for storage and networking. Architectural approaches such as SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV use virtualization to deliver more flexible and interoperable services across the LAN and WAN. More recently, containers have added yet another degree of agility to data centers and the cloud. 

Enterprises and service providers shift to SDN/NFV for more agile and cost-effective deployments. As you migrate from physical to virtual infrastructure, your customers’, employees’, and subscribers’ quality of experience should be maintained or improved. You also want to have total visibility into your virtualized infrastructure and data. 

We offer solutions to help you test your SDN/NFV migrations and ensure that they are successful. We also help you eliminate blind-spots with a portfolio of visibility solutions to access data and traffic in your virtual network. 


NFV Test


Testing NFV and SDN Deployments

Benchmark the performance, security, elasticity, and scale of your NFV and SDN deployment and migrate to a virtualized network confidently. 

Virtual Environment Monitoring



 Ensure high performance and secure application delivery with intelligent and contextual visibility of your virtualized environment.  

Person Coding


Everyone wants to deploy faster, and agile development is key to making that happen. It is about creating an environment where developers can integrate their new code into a realistic environment to evaluate its stability and security functions. Getting this right can result in advancing to production 20% faster.

We give you tools for end-to-end validation of virtualization migrations to dramatically accelerate time from lab to production. By ensuring alignment with the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) agile service development model, you can rapidly identify and resolve issues.

Data access in your virtual environment

Tapping Into Your Virtual Data

Your security is only as good as the data it sees. You rely on your network security tools to analyze and protect your data. Our visibility solutions provide access to east-west data, and distribute it to the right security and monitoring tools at the right time. We provide more than just copies of raw data to your security, analytics and performance tools in any virtual environment—we filter what is relevant to the user or tool at the source.

The combination of Ixia virtual taps and virtual packet brokers delivers the total visibility you need. The  virtual visibility tools supports packet and application flow filtering, NetFlow generation with advanced application identification and geographic location, secure sockets layer (SSL) decryption, load balancing, and many advanced packet processing capabilities, like deduplication, header stripping, and fragmentation.


“We gained total visibility, a familiar management interface, and one vendor for physical and virtual architectures.”

CTO, Energy Enterprise

“Ixia’s virtualization solution and VMware together solve east-west traffic invisibility and attack vulnerabilities at the hypervisor kernel level.”

Senior Virtual Network Analyst

“Phantom Virtual Network Tap not only preserves the value of our instrumentation layer, it’s helping us save jobs as we virtualize. These economies are enormous.”

Sr. Network Manager, Energy Provider

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