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Stronger Security for Government Agencies

Government agencies understand network security is about finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they hurt you—in products, applications, connections, people, or processes.

Improve the effectiveness of your security appliances and the efficiency of your infrastructure by testing its security strength prior to deployment and boosting security tool performance in operation. 

Launch comprehensive realistic attacks with BreakingPoint.  Monitor your security fabric in operation with Vision ONE and ThreatARMOR

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Government Solutions
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Solutions from the Core to the Cloud to the Customer
Network Test

Rely on Ixia test solutions throughout service and infrastructure design and deployment

Network Security

Protect your customer data before and after you deploy

Network Visibility

Enable complete data access and distribution to all security, monitoring and analytics tools

NFV, SDN and Virtual Network Solutions

NFV Test

Testing NFv Deployments

Benchmark the performance, security, and scale of your NFV deployment and migrate to a virtualized network confidently. 

SDN Test

SDN and OpenFlow Readiness

Ensure elasticity, performance, and scale of your underlay and overlay SDN infrastructure.   

Monitoring in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Network Visibility

Ensure high performance and secure application delivery with intelligent and contextual visibility of your virtualized environment. 

Doing it all virtually

Both physical and software-based virtual versions of all performance and security test solutions are available. The virtual editions (VE) of infrastructure, network, application and security testing help fast-track delivery and safeguard security in DevOps and virtual environments. In addition, virtual taps (vTaps), enable service providers to view east-west traffic in virtual machine environments providing access to difficult to reach traffic.  

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Visibility Keeps QoS and QoE in Focus
4x Better Performance

Ixia's hardware processing deduplicates data up to 160 Gbps/module delivering the highest performance and up to 4x faster than leading competitors.

Zero Packet Loss

According to the Tolly Report¹, Ixia had zero packet loss compared to Gigamon which dropped 20% - 75% at 256 bytes and below.

Ease of Use

When it comes to setup, Ixia filter creation is 4x faster and our application intelligence programming is a minimum of 5x faster than other leading solutions.

Test Your Security Strength

Challenge your security solutions from every angle to reduce your risk. Understand user experience from application to protocol, network performance to connections, user load to traffic-type scalability.

Ensure attack readiness. Train to think like attackers and know exactly how to respond, with security attacks and heavy traffic loads during beta testing and pre-production.

BreakingPointCyberRangeBreakingPoint VE

Security Train
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