Testing NFV SDN Deployments

Build SDNFV confidence during testing

The effectiveness of network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) migrations can be difficult to evaluate. Ensuring that your virtualization deployment operates as expected requires complete traffic testing. Ixia offers end-to-end test suites to validate SDN/NFV migrations to accelerate time to market. With versatility, scale, and realism, you can test before you deploy and replay captured traffic from production afterwards.

The key to a successful virtual deployment is having test capabilities integrated into the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI-CD) test pipeline. Tests simulating millions of subscribers using hundreds of applications need to be virtualized, configured, and executed across virtual environments including private, hybrid, and public cloud infrastructures—with tight integration into orchestration environments like OpenStack.

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Test Virtual Services in Development and Quality Assurance

Whether software-only or hardware-assisted test solutions, Ixia enables testing of your virtual services with many flexible test options. For developers, the combination of Ixia Developer or the software-based Virtual Edition versions of the Ixia test portfolio enable early functional testing and debugging without interfering with quality assurance (QA) systems. Then when ready to put under heavy realistic traffic load, the QA team has the needed hardware to fully stress test the virtual services.

Ixia Developer is a software test tool that makes it easy for DevOps to create realistic traffic environments in the lab with real applications and sophisticated troubleshooting capabilities. Issues can be uncovered and resolved early in development and much faster than with traditional tools.

Many virtual network functions in the core network run at high traffic speeds—from 1GE to 100GE. Ixia offers a range of test environment accelerators to assist in load testing.  These include Novus™, PerfectStorm™, and CloudStorm™, supporting line rate Layer 2 to 7 traffic generation at the highest speeds.

Ixia offers a range of software-only based test solutions that integrate and support OpenStack-based provisioned networks.  These include IxNetwork® Virtual Edition (VE), IxLoad® VE, and BreakingPoint® VE to test with realistic traffic loads, and the widest range of cyber attack loads—all seamlessly integrated into your CI-CD test pipeline.

NFV Rollout

The Path to Successful SDN

SDN complimented by NFV is the most transformational and profound paradigm shift the networking industry faces today. Decoupling the control plane from the data plane promises huge leaps in efficiency, agility, and flexibility in operating and scaling modern networks - if it is deployed correctly.

As developers imagine new ways to deploy NFV and SDN architectures, we are developing new ways to test them. Validation at every step along the migration path not only speeds adoption by discovering and removing blind spots, it also minimizes the risk of deployment failure.

Our test applications generate realistic traffic at a realistic scale, allowing you to build comprehensive performance and security tests for OpenFlow and Virtual Extensive Local Area Network (VXLAN) implementations.

Ensuring Reliability and Performance in SDN Migrations
The path to successful SDN rollout

Ensuring Reliability and Performance in SDN Migrations

When it comes to testing SDN deployments, IxNetwork and IxNetwork VE emulate carrier-scale, multi-service complex SDN topologies with thousands of devices. IxChariot® provides SDN network assessment to ensure that the same or better performance and scale are achieved, before and after SDN rollout.

Ixia offers reliability and scale testing designed for the specific challenges of SDN technologies at every stage of network life cycle –  from vendor selection and network design to live deployment. Our SDN validation portfolio consists of test solutions for OpenFlow, Segment Routing, Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)-Link State, VxLAN, Open vSwitch Database (OVSDB), and Ethernet virtual private network (EVPN) across physical and virtualized platforms. Our test applications generate realistic workload at realistic scales to emulate critical use cases in carrier, data center, and enterprise SDN networks.


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