Customers want answers—solutions—versus a collection of products that may or may not work well together. Ixia’s solutions for performance testing and network visibility offer technology alliance partners two valuable ways to differentiate and deliver strong, proven, complete solutions that “Xceed” customer expectations.


From development, to market, to deployment, Ixia’s unique combination of test and visibility products provides solutions for technology partners to ensure their customers get full value from their security and performance monitoring solutions. 

  • Develop – Many leading security and APM/NPM providers use Ixia’s test and DevOps solutions to develop their products
  • Market – Ixia eco-system members and their channel partners leverage Ixia’s test and visibility solutions to allow customers to see how their products will work under real world conditions
  • Deploy – Ixia’s visibility architecture provides security and monitoring solutions and end-to-end physical and virtual network visibility they need


Program Benefits


License to use Ixia Xceed partner logo

Ixia website link to partner website

Support for partner press release

Ixia new product introduction webinars

Joint marketing collateral

Technology Acceleration:

Preferred access to select Ixia products

Solution strategy and design workshops

Solution integration and support

Best practice training for SE's and deployment teams

Feature products in Ixia Customer Briefing Center

Sales Acceleration:

Jointly developed "Solution Activation" kits for channel partners and sales teams

Joint lead generation webinars

Joint regional marketing events

Joint engagements with Ixia global solution partners

Virtual BreakingPoint access to demo partner solutions