Cut deployment times for FirePOWER upgrades




Deploy in 4 minutes versus 4 hours

Deploy FirePOWER with minimal business disruption


And when you want total resiliency, only Ixia supports active-active high availability configurations that ensure continuous traffic inspection and near-instant recovery.

External bypass is deployed in front of IPS


Ixia customers realize substantial benefits

84% total Ixia customers realized ROI in 12 months or less(1)

Only 5% cost of standalone bypass as percent of integrated bypass (2)

¹ Ixia customer survey executed and documented by TechValidate, September 2016

² Comparison of list prices for Ixia iBypass switch and Gigamo GigaVUE-HC2, as of July 2016

$250,000+ savings realized by one out of four Ixia customers (1)

Ensure network availability and complete inspection
Bypass switches ensure failsafe tool deployment

Ixia bypass switches enable fail-safe migration 
and make it easy to maintain tools with no network downtime.

Network packet brokers increase efficiency

Ixia packet brokers offload CPU-intensive processing
from your IPS, to help it work more efficiently.

Manufacturer Chooses Bypass for Next Gen Firewall Deployment
Case Study: Manufacturer Chooses Bypass for Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Deployment

This company chose Ixia's external bypass for fail-safe deployment and continuous operation of their IPS.

Plan Your Firewall Migration to Increase Security Resilience
White Paper: Plan Your Firewall Migration to Increase Security Resilience

A firewall upgrade provides the opportunity to future-proof your security architecture and achieve greater flexibility.


Upgrading Your Firewall is Only Half the Battle
Infographic: Upgrading Your Firewall is Only Half the Battle

Upgrading your firewall or migrating to a NGFW is the perfect time to deploy a more resilient security fabric.

Faster migration with less business disruption.